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On the beautiful and dynamic island of Mallorca in Spain, we provide day-long and multi-day experiences–both educational and recreational– in rock-climbing, hiking, camping, yoga, and meditation (wellness and mindfulness). We offer our clients the opportunity to escape what can be a loud, dingy, and stressful world to: STRENGTHEN the BODY, EXPAND the MIND, and ELEVATE the SOUL.                                             




  • Spenser Johnson: Director of Nature Programs

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  • In 2012 Spenser took a three-month-long course (in rafting, climbing, and hiking) from the National Outdoor Leadership School in Wyoming, USA (https://www.nols.edu/en/ ). That’s where his passion for this type of work and lifestyle began.
  • Later that same year Spenser trekked to Island Peak in the Nepali Himalayans. And, on his last morning of the ascent, as he stood looking up towards Mount Everest he had two epiphanies: Firstly, that he wanted to move as far away from snow and cold as possible—perhaps to a Mediterranean Island; and secondly, that he wanted to spend the rest of his life outdoors climbing, hiking, and camping. Thus, the initial idea to create NatureNurture, in Mallorca, was born.
  • Between 2012 and 2017 Spenser worked for two of biggest and most well-respected Sports providers in Asia: Xsport Coaching (https://www.xsportcoaching.com/ ) and KOOH Sports (http://www.koohsports.com/ ). This is where he honed his pedagogy, skill set, and coaching style.
  • In 2017 Spenser was hired by the American School in Bombay (ASB) as part of their Intersession Team. At ASB he taught courses in rock-climbing, soccer, swimming, and rafting.
  • In 2018 Spenser moved to Mallorca to get NatureNurture up and running. And now it is! For testimonials on Spenser click here.

  • Lisa Johnson: Director of Nurture Programs (yoga, meditation, and mindfulness).


    • With degrees and experience in Health and Nursing—as her foundation—Lisa came to yoga and meditation while living in Brazil, more than two decades ago. She says, “I will always remember the first yoga class I took. It was in 1995. It was just me and a friend and a TV with a VHS tape.” Needless to say, Lisa was hooked by the challenges, purity, and serenity that yoga (and other health and wellness experiences) provided her.
    • Lisa often reflects on the many questions that yoga helped her answer; and naturally her background in public health, nursing, and education was transformed into a more holistic practice when partnered with yoga.
    • Lisa formally began teaching yoga, 15 years ago, in Brazil and the United States to adults and teenagers while simultaneously practicing under the guidance of a teacher from the school of Integrative Yoga Therapy founded by Joseph LePage.
    • In 2010 Lisa moved to India with the intention of immersing herself in yoga and ayurvedic practices. Lisa has since completed a 200-hour and a 500-hour teacher training certification programs with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Goa, India. The Center’s founder, Yogacharya Lalit, teaches traditional Ashtanga vinyasa with Iyengar inspired alignment.  Living in India has significantly strengthened and deepened Lisa’s understanding of what it means to “live yoga” versus to “do yoga.”
    • Lisa is a perpetual student incorporating into her practice and classes Yoga philosophy, Structural Awareness body and breath work, meditation, and Inner Presence inquiry work (she is also a certified Inner Presence Coach).
    • Through our courses and retreats, in Mallorca (and other locations around the world) her goal is to cultivate how to live yoga by providing experiences that nurtures the body, mind and soul. For testimonials from some of Lisa’s students and colleagues click here:
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