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  For starters: We are in LOVE with REI. Especially their store in our hometown of Denver, Colorado. Here’s the We all know that REI is the Godfather (or perhaps the Granddaddy) of outdoor gear stores and web sites. They really know what they are doing, they’re super-well organized, focused on us—the client—and provide tons of filters and options to support our search for exactly what we need. At NatureNurture we have a major professional crush on REI; and we’re sure you will too.

·       But, there are many more online stores with amazing products and services. Here are our next two favourites:

1. is headquartered near Spokane, Washington. They are, for the most part, focused on climbing—which works for NatureNurture because that’s our NATURE focus, too. Just to give you an idea of how focused they are: They offer 90 different types of climbing shoes; 49 brands of dynamic single climbing rope; and 40 crampons—from full-on ice-climbing crampons to simple strap-ons. For climbers, like Spenser (our Director of Nature Programs) this is the proverbial “Candy Store!” And he’s the kid in it!

2.   We are also BIG fans of Why? Because they are a discount site, selling seconds and overstocks. So, if we can save a buck or two…well, we will—as will most of our global tribe. For example, a few weeks ago, they had a Marmot Titan three-person backpacking tent for $178, and a pair of Asolo FSN 85 hiking boots for $120 (30 percent off retail). Some deals run to more than 60 percent off—naturally the downside is limited sizes and colors; but who cares? Keep going back and checking. You’ll find what you need soon enough.

·       Finally, although not our top 3 here are some of two other sites that we frequently visit and have been pleased with and are proud to support:

o They may actually have more stuff than even REI.

o As one of our colleagues wrote, “Good footwear is important, and Zappos pretty much rules here. How about 475 models of backpacking, hiking, and climbing boots?”

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