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At NatureNurture we place the greatest value on QUALITY, and we know quality is not always tied to price (we don’t like cheap stuff…but, good, solid, inexpensive stuff is just fine with us). In short, we’re of the belief that there’s no need to spend big money on what we need to have the most positive experiences with our craft (yoga, meditation, and mindfulness). As you probably know, there are tons of wonderful sites and stores to stock up on yoga pants, mats, spandex shorts, leggings, supportive bras, and more. In fact, it’s overwhelming. So, to help you out, our Director of Nature Programs, Lisa, will share her three favourite places—listed in order of preference—below:

o  Lisa says, “I am a very lucky person. My ‘work clothes’ are yoga clothes; so, I am blessed.” She also says, “My go-to stores for yoga clothes and equipment are: Fabletics and Athleta.” Here’s a short review of each:

  • If you’re not familiar with Fabletics ( )it’s the fitness apparel company owned by Kate Hudson. Ok, she’s a celebrity from the movie industry…so, that gave Lisa pause; but, the truth is (after much testing), the stuff is good.  One cool thing is that it operates on a membership structure which translates into big savings—over the long-haul. It is well-worth considering; and given that the three criteria we should be judging apparel is: quality, style, and value; well, Fabletics gets high marks in all three.
  • Lisa can’t walk by an Athleta store ( without going in to see what’s on sale. I guess the best compliment we can give Athleta is that it “feels” a lot like Lululemon for much less a cost. Plus, they offer up to a 30% discount for certified fitness instructors—so, Lisa is a fan.  But, while discounts are nice…in the end, it is also about style and quality. And after years of wearing their product to teach and learn in, Lisa confidently says, “They are top of the market.”

o  Here are a few more suggested stores (with robust online resources):

  • Nancy Rose Performance: Lisa just adores Nancy Rose ( ) Nancy, the creative force behind this brand, is a former elite gymnast and thus she really understands—she “gets”—what we need when we’re working out.
  • Sweaty Betty: First of all, we love the name…since that’s exactly what we all are. Their site ( )caters especially to women and easy to navigate based on the type of workout you’re interested in.

o  For yoga mats, Lisa is a hard-core believer (and supporter) of Jade Yoga ( ) and OFCOURSE “Himalaya Yoga Valley’s” handmade cotton mat (which you can’t buy anywhere but in Goa, or by asking Lisa to get you one). Write to Lisa directly for more info on the mats or anything else at:

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