Enthusiasm and experience…

“Spenser’s enthusiasm for this craft, his adept communication with students, and his overarching focus on safety made for a series of highly engaging student experiences.
Few coaches can share their depth of experience so effectively with students.
As an outdoor education professional, Spenser effectively sets boundaries to ensure safety while ensuring students are optimally challenged.”
– John Smithies, Elementary School Principal at the American School of Bombay

He inspired and helped them…

Spenser didn’t just train my children in sports – he inspired them and helped them develop a passion for the game, for sportsmanship and for adventure.  His camps remain a highlight of their childhood and were the best sporting foundation they could have received.”
– Tina Trikha, Parent

Exudes passion for the sport and the outdoors…

“Not only is Spenser knowledgeable and experienced, he exudes passion for sport and the outdoors. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he is a natural with kids. My daughter not only improved her soccer skills but gained confidence and had a lot of fun working with CoachSpenser.”
– Jodie Sovak, Parent

Students’ experiences were transformed…

Spenser Johnson worked with the American School of Bombay as a specialist on our Expeditions Program. His contribution to planning and commitment to outdoors was phenomenal. Spenser is meticulous, intuitive, and has immense knowledge! His love for adventure and his approaches are inspiring – our students’ experiences were transformed under his guidance. We loved having him on our team!”
– Snehal Pereira, Director of Intersessions at the American School of Bombay 

Safe, positive, and motivating…

Climbing with [Nature Nurture] was an all around great experience. The instructor ensured I felt safe, was positive and motivating, and pushed me to achieve more than I thought I could. Will definitely return.
– John Kilbane, Climbing Enthusiast


Integrity and professionalism…

“Lisa is an excellent Yoga teacher. She is sensitive, intuitive and delivers dynamic yet nourishing classes with integrity and professionalism. Lisa teaches from the heart and gives 100% to her students. She is focused on the therapeutic and healing aspects of yoga with a deep understanding of not only the asana but other areas such as chanting meditation and pranayama. Lisa excelled as a trainee and teacher at our institute and we are honoured for her to carry the torch of yoga from India around the world. Lisa and her wonderful family exude warmth and care- they are a pleasure to spend time with!”

– Yogacharya Lalit Kumar, Director Himalaya Yoga Valley

A place full of light and love…

Having had the chance – like a blessing – yes I am still very grateful for this experience in my life – to come to know you during my time in Mumbai, enjoying your Yoga classes, Lisa, with asanas taught pure and true combined with the knowledge and wisdom of the ancient Yoga Philosophies to evolve further on my own path,  enjoying your presence, seeing the light you’re spreading into the world … and being deeply touched by Craig’s vision and approach inspiring the young generation to believe in themselves, to make use of inherited capacities and to find their own voice just to make the world a better place … yes, to see how the whole Johnson family is living ‘togetherness’…  I am more than sure this will not only be a venture, you’ll most definitely be in your element! It will be an amazing experience and great success! That’s my wish for you as well.
I cannot help but to imagine ‘NatureNurture’ as a place people will feel newly born again!  A place with the taste of India.
A place students will come in touch with their own souls, awaken their bodies with minds inspired.
A place filled with all your light and love. A place open, fresh, curious, light and natural.
A place of pure ‘being’.
A place of human wholeness and happiness at its very core.
I wish you all the luck and can’t wait to come and see, see you again, Lisa, together with Paul.
Love and light,

– Marita, former parent at the American School of Bombay

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